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When you love you just look at her and believe all her words. Thousands and thousands before you failed. Dozens around you are failing. You know you’re not better than them. Yet you believe.
Because she’s the one who’s telling you all those things and you trust her, you’ve given her your heart and everything you are.
When you love you believe.
When she leaves you’re shocked and heartbroken. Thousands and thousands before you have gone through the same thing. Dozens around you are having the same experience. Yet you’re shocked and heartbroken. You never really expected it.
Because it was her. Her. Your everything. The one who said „I love you”, the one you believed and you trusted with your heart.
History has no meaning. We learn nothing from it.
We keep thinking „For me it will be different.” It wasn’t. It’s not.


I accidentally found some quotes that fit. Reading fanfiction usually is funny but it can be heartbreaking sometimes.

„I want to tell her I love her. That if tonight they came for her and we never had more than these last few weeks, my body would not forget, my heart would not heal, my soul would never accept the imprint of another.”

„Isn’t it funny that when the moment actually comes, we concentrate on practicalities and logistics? […]
When you might as well be dead, everything becomes simple again. ”

Source: For Which The First was Made by eToh